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Toshihiko Oka 

Health & Fitness Co., Ltd. Representative Director〒532-0012, Kikawahigashi 4-7-4-806 ,Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka, Japan

TEL 06ー6885ー4643 FAX 06ー4256ー7615  Cell: 090ー8140ー7186
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Born July 13, 1954

Osaka Sakuramiya High School Athletics 1600m relay All Japan Championship contestants
Graduated from Osaka University of Health and Sport Science, Physical Science Major
(Masahiro Kaneko Research study group )
Research student completion of measurement evaluation science at Osaka Kyoiku University

Health fitness programmer (MHLW)
National Institute for Geriatrics and Gerontology = Care prevention exercise instructor,
JATI-ATI (Sports reinforcement) , Volunteer English interpreters (sports field)    167cm 75kg FAT23%
Worked as Seibu Athletic Club sports instructor
(have a study abroad experience 2 years Total , such as one month in the former Soviet Union during this period, one year in Los Angeles)
Then, while concurrently had a part-time lecturer at Kinki University, and vocational school teachers, also helped to open fitness clubs in 60 locations across the country as the person responsible for the Corporation JSS Fitness Division. In addition, supported to open rehabilitation type day service facilities at 70 locations. Also training for top athletes,, the introduction of computer measurement of physical fitness system, and programming of many kind of exercise.

Health club theory, Public relations (format), literature sources, VTR guidance (format), Literature, VTR management (format), Health club business, Market research, Business plan, Furniture and Fixtures, Equipment, Facilities, Sign assistance, Seminars, Planning events , Organization and information, License, Machine theory, Front Steering (format), Office management (format), Machine description, Panel, Health & Fitness instructor Research manual (theory, practical, practical physical fitness, health management), Aerobics instructor Training course, Companies fit, Facility interior and exterior, Strength & conditioning, Computer diagnostic physical fitness tests, Exercise prescription creating, Fixing, Attract approach, Panasonic web system (PT)

【Specialized sports field】
Health and physical fitness and sport theory, Touring bike, Inline skating, Scuba diving, Jet skiing, Sailing, Muscle diet, Frisbee, Weight training, Skiing, Billiards, American football, Aerobics, Exercise for care prevention, Tennis, Recreation, SCWT,

【professional field theory (Business)】
Member retention measures, Fitness club diagnosis, Efficiency labor management, Industry trends inferred, Internet search, Personal Training, Sports consulting, Facility certification method (health promotion, Exercise therapy), Manual preparation, Technique to attract customers, Career pass system, Market research , sports consulting, facility certification method
23MET’S Ex/week PC-CD, Life estimation method, stroke probability calculation

【Sports science】
14 couses of computer exercise prescription creation system (70 courses of preventive care ~20 events of sports reinforcement), Physical fitness management system, Exercise consumption estimation method(GSAQ), LBM increase method, Safety maximum muscle force estimation method, Machine 1RM measurement method, Power display method (Preventive care ~ Sports reinforcement), 10 courses of exercise therapy

【Business performance】
< planning and development of private and public fitness facilities > 100m2~3000m2(500m2)
40 places of JSS Group, Saijo -WEST SC, Heiwado -810, NHK-SFP, Kijuen care center(Mie), KTV Fresco Tarumi, UNITIKA fitness club, Hashimoto IKIIKI-Genki Room, Health and Welfare Center of Taga-cho, PC system build for Osaka Prefectural Health Science Center, Physion = muscle mass improvement PC Program, Coach for Osaka police plan to athlete

Toyo Aluminium, Ohtsu Tire & Rubber Co.,Ltd., Tenri Yorozu Hospital, Central Sports, KKC, Fitness Institute, Keihan Electric Railway Hirakata Fitness Club
Saitama Seibu Lions, Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes, Sanyo basketball, Kinki University basketball, Hatakeyama Racing rider TV appearances,
Weight loss program for Kagawa from Nanka hawks, Boxing Japan champion Iwamoto, Morinaga Fitness Lab, Kawagoe and Takeda the world table tennis championships pairs 3rd place, Miura Kayoko professional golfer, Ishikawa Kyoju Formula racer, Muramoto Minoru (marathoner)

Health and Sports Sciences at Kinki University, Osaka College of High Technology, Toyo Iryo Vocational school = EMTs training,
AT training instructor for Japan Sports association at Osaka Isen vocational school, Human Sports College = NSCA CPT for active pass,
A part time lexture for Hyogo University of Health Sciences. in the Department of health system, Health fitness practical programmer (MHLW) training instructor Kinki University Sports Course ,

After the retirement of Jay SS, currently as a representative director of Health & Fitness, Inc., planning and management fo the public, private, and corporate fitness facilities, also consulting, sports training, and university lecturer concurrently, exercise therapy of lifestyle-related diseases, have a wide range of business from the elderly strength training business in nursing care facilities to the training of professional athletes.

Recently, I have spread the activities for China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, such as designing of training machine, and lectures, etc.
The motto is “the rapid movement” with a BOX car, big bike, motorboat, etc.